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2025-05-03 07:23 pm
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Friends only.

This journal is friends only as of May 3, 2009.

My name is Rachel. At LJ, I am memoryofsunday.
One thing to know before adding me. My main fandoms are DBSK and Super Junior with a side of SHINee and Arashi. I have quite a few, though. ♥
I'm pretty open about adding right now so long as you leave a comment and we have something in common. :]

If I know you from LJ, prz to be telling me.
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2009-05-03 07:03 pm
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Look, I made my first post!

Thanks to [personal profile] aprettyeternity, I now have a Dreamwidth account! :D

This is basically a test post, but yeah. Thanks, Chi-Chi! Now we can be bamfs over here too! ♪

I feel like this entry needs to be longer! So...rambling begins nao.

I wonder how cool DW will be in the future when there are more people and things available for it. O: Should be interesting to watch. Hopefully stupid fans don't migrate over too fast. So far it just kinda seems like everyone's snagging the good usernames and not really doing anything.

Well, anyway, the end? First entry. Whoopee! Let's hope the site prospers. ♥